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Practitioner Courses at CTBI

CTB Membership

The Coaching the Body Membership is our flagship course.  It is like an online apprenticeship program for those truly wishing to eliminate pain.

We send our Pain Hackers weekly video lessons for 52 weeks on analyzing and treating the major pain complaints at the source.

The membership includes a discount on our amazing Muscle Liberator™ tool and it provides 60+ CEUs from NCBTMB. 

Please click the button below to attend a webinar with Chuck Duff, to learn more about the CTB methodology and details of the Membership training.

Practitioner Certifications

We offer flexible training options for those interested in learning our methodology and becoming a Pain Hacker.  Options include 100% online learning through our CTB Membership, and progress with additional in-person classes for those interested in CTB certification.  There are no prerequisites and all are welcome.  We start from the ground up with our revolutionary understanding and treatment of pain. 

CTB Certification Options

We have two tracks for pursuing certification. The first track is our CTB Specialist Certification in individual body areas (Shoulder and Sciatica/Hip) and is primarily online. Initially, you complete individual body area modules within our online CTB Membership and then complete in-person courses related to that body area in order to verify your skill. This certification requires less in-person class time, mentoring and feedback from instructors than the CTB Practitioner Certification, and is appropriate for those that already have a manual therapy/bodywork practice.  We encourage students who are new to bodywork to pursue the CTB Practitioner Certification.

The second track is the full CTB Practitioner Certification.  It is more comprehensive than the Specialist Certifications and includes both online and in-person study.  The in-person study portion is much more extensive; including 10 in-person courses and mentoring sessions with instructors.  This program starts you from the very beginning, with body mechanics and proper technique for working sustainably on the floor.

For the complete listing of our in-person course catalog, click here.

Functional Anatomy
for Bodywork, Movement and Yoga (eCourse)
Pain Hacker's Guide: Finding the Origins and Perpetuators of Pain

Additional Online Courses

In addition to the CTB Membership, we also offer stand-alone online courses for manual therapists and other practitioners (yoga teachers, athletic coaches, personal trainers etc.)

These courses provide in-depth training and focus on a particular subject.