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Chuck Duff

Founder, Coaching The Body™ Institute
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I want to thank Chuck Duff and your whole staff for the wonderful training I have received through this course. It has been a game-changer for me in my practice, and I am very grateful for the instruction I have received through the lesson videos. I would recommend this to anyone looking to really make a difference in the treatment of clients in pain. Thank you all SO much.

Susan G.

CTB Member


You Will Learn:
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How to restore pain-free movement using a brand new approach to trigger point therapy.

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How to “reprogram” chronic pain patterns by hacking the central nervous system.

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The #1 muscle influencing shoulder function (And how to “unlock” it in a matter of minutes.)

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My “secret weapon” for releasing taut fibers without overloading your hands, wrists, shoulders, or lower back.

Getting To The TRUE Source Of Your Clients' Pain
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Think you need to see clients every week to get them lasting relief? Forget it. I’ll show you how to deliver lasting results in just 1-3 sessions.

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Why it’s time to STOP rubbing where it hurts. (And start doing THIS instead.)

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How to unravel the root cause of almost any complex pain condition. (And why  your analysis must start where the feet meet the ground.)

How to Build a Lucrative Pain Hacking Practice
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How this breakthrough approach can attract new clients you’d NEVER see otherwise. (Even local MDs—imagine that!)

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Stand out from other therapists by using tools and techniques in a way that nobody else is doing, with impressive results.

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How my students are using “pain hacking” to explode their practice by supercharging their referrals (And WITHOUT having to sell.)

If you answered yes to any of the above, you will learn to truly help people, build a thriving practice and become a pain rockstar at Coaching The Body®.

Want to learn how to end pain for good?

Are you frustrated by the massive ignorance regarding pain in the medical system? Hi, I’m Chuck Duff, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, ENDING PAIN. Over 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of people learn to treat their own or their clients’ pain effectively and permanently.

If you are a bodyworker, fitness or manual therapy professional, I can show you how to explode your income, be booked 3 months out and be known as the go-to expert “Pain Hacker” in your area.

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A book titled Ending the Pain written by Chuck Duff

Coaching the Body With Neuroscience, Movement and Trigger Point Therapy


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In this web class, you will witness the power of our unique CTB™ methodology revolutionizing pain treatment through neuroscience, therapeutic percussion, an updated approach to trigger point therapy and movement.

Tired of Not Having the Answers to Your Client’s Pain Issues?

Do you find yourself at a loss when clients come to you with pain and scary diagnoses expecting massage and bodywork to help?

What do you do when techniques you've learned don’t help?

Do you end up treating the same issue every session, and the relief never lasts?

Your client suffers, your business suffers, your confidence suffers.

Learn how to understand where pain is really coming from and treat it at the source the with our proven methods - so you can help your clients and your business thrive.

Chuck is a God send. He has helped me to sharpen up my manual therapy strategies and helped me to fill in the blanks so expertly. Its like all my years of education prior were preparing me to study with him. When he speaks everything is so clear!!! Anyway.. please let him know how much I appreciate him. He's the icing on my cake!
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Blaise In Fitness

l am a chiropractor and I have been getting through the modules as fast as I can. I have gotten the best results with shoulders I've ever gotten. I just need to continue learning and getting that protocol down.
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Dr. Josh Sturgis


"l use Chuck's training with every client I see. My practice is more centered in functional movement in relation to posture, pain, and performance. And everything that I have studied in these courses has allow me to be much different therapist than a majority of the massage therapists in my area. When you can help people move better and feel better your practice changes and people spread the word for you.
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Charlie Peebles

MT, MMT, Instructor - Indiana State University


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