Fitness and yoga pros, learn to resolve pain and movement limitations in your students and clients with our innovative methods!

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a woman holding a pain-relief device on another woman in yoga pose

How would you like to learn the true neuromuscular sources of pain and how to resolve them quickly in your students and clients, all within scope of your practice?  We can help you:

Understand and solve movement impairments that baffle MDs and therapists.

Truly help (and astonish!) your students and clients in classes and private sessions.

Explode your referrals and practice.

Hi, Doug Ringwald here.

I was in your shoes 10 years ago.  I was a yoga teacher and personal trainer struggling to help my clients (and myself!) with pain and movement limitations.  I studied everything from the industry experts, to no avail…and I was frustrated. Then I found Chuck Duff and CTB, and it changed my understanding, practice and life!  I became pain-free and learned how to truly help my clients and students attain the same.

The big secret, that shouldn’t be a secret, is most pain is referred by trigger points in muscles.  Most medical professionals as well as fitness, yoga and movement experts don’t understand this, and are misled by the “illusion of injury”.

The truth is, most pain can be eliminated fully and efficiently by understanding its true origins and applying the innovative Coaching The Body principles and techniques to fitness, yoga and movement practices, all within scope of those practices.

With our online course, Coaching the Body Out of Pain in Corrective Exercise, Yoga and Movement, you’ll learn how to coach pain-free movement in your students and clients, and explode your referrals, reputation and practice.

Doug Ringwald  of Coaching the body
“I work 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, and this has reignited by passion for helping people.  Not only that, I will forever approach yoga and touch in an entirely new and effective way.”
Crystal Cordoba