FREE TUTORIAL: Shoulder Pain Origins and Self Treatment Overview

Chuck Duff discusses how trigger points and neurological protection cause shoulder pain, and how we approach self-treatment using Coaching The Body® principles.

Pain Treatment Secrets

Discover Relief from Shoulder Pain with this Comprehensive Guide to Self-Treatment

Join the Movement of Pain-Free Living: Discover How the Coaching The Body® Method Can Help You Treat Your Shoulder Pain Like a Pro

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"I took the course and self-treated every shoulder muscle myself and relieved my shoulder pain and dysfunction - and now I am 100% back to normal healthy shoulder function. I went to a chiropractor and he loosely diagnosed me with a torn labrum. Told me I would need an MRI with contrast to confirm that diagnosis and that surgery was the only fix. I knew that wasn’t the case and I was right. I am so thankful for you Chuck and Doug and your knowledge and training and sharing it with others!"

Edi Wood